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Trichogrammatidae Genera Database - (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea)

    The current holdings of Trichogrammatidae at UCR are itemized. This listing is based on ca. 2500 lots and ca. 23,000 specimens. Each entry is represented in the collection by one to several slide and/or card mounted specimens. In many cases duplicates are stored in bulk. In some cases material remains in alcohol awaiting curation. Excluded from this list are all but a fraction of the records associated with our extensive collection of Trichogramma which alone includes over 35,000 slide-mounted specimens. This list is arranged in alphabetical order by GENUS, and COUNTRY (and state/province for Canada and the United States).

    Note: this document includes only the first line of each record and is restricted to locality and a unique key number. Date of collection is retrievable from the key number, however. Thus, 85-07-13-02 is translated 13 July 1985 (02 indicating the collection is the second entry with that date). The key number is ambiguous regarding date of collection only if there was no information (00 entries) or if the material was collected over a period of time (e.g. 13-29 July 1985) in which case the latest date is incorporated into the key number (85-07-29-01).

    To expedite the data management process identification to genus initially is made under relatively low magnification when specimens are still in alcohol and before final curation. These are considered tentative. Identifications are then checked a second time once specimens have been slide mounted or placed on cards. Because unchecked tentative identifications are included, and because of the unsettled state of Trichogrammatidae taxonomy where definitive generic assignment often is not possible, several identifications are entered as 'NEAR' a particular genus. Particular attention should be given to those records listed as 'near Uscana', 'near Lathromeroidea' and 'near Pterygogramma' from the New World. These include an enormous number of undescribed species and are a dominant component of the trichogrammatid fauna, especially in Central America. The various species in this assemblage generally 'key' to one of these three genera but they cannot be unambiguously placed at this time.

    Without doubt there are numerous typographical errors as well as errors in identification that have been incorporated into this listing. As material is studied in more detail these errors are being corrected. The list is made available at this time in hopes that it will generate interest in the collection, and in the exchange and study of Trichogrammatidae, a group which largely has been ignored because of their minute size and fragility.

Curation and data management of the UC Riverside Trichogrammatidae collection was supported by grant BSR-9024672 from the National Science Foundation.

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