Bembicid Holdings



Museum Bembicid [= Nyssonid] Holdings - (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Spheciformes)

Compiled by Douglas Yanega, Oct. 2004

The UCR Entomology Research Museum has long been home to an extensive collection of bees and sphecoid wasps, thanks to the efforts of a great many collectors, most notably among them P.H. Timberlake, others such as K. Cooper, J. Hall, M. Irwin, and E. Schlinger, and more recent collections by G. Ballmer and D. Yanega. At present, the only portion of this collection that has been completely curated and is now up-to-date is the Bembicidae (sometimes called Nyssonidae). The total number of taxa in this family is 217 determined to species (out of a total global diversity of 1815) and 44 genera (out of 84), and a small number of undetermined taxa, mostly exotic, including at least 10 newly-discovered, undescribed species from the US and Mexico. The list below only gives taxa determined to species, unless the only holdings of a genus are undetermined.


Alysson conicus Provancher
Alysson guignardi Provancher
Alysson melleus Say
Alysson oppositus Say
Alysson striatus W. Fox
Alysson t. triangulifer Provancher
Didineis dilata Malloch & Rohwer
Didineis nodosa W. Fox
Didineis stevensi Rohwer


Bembix americana comata J. Parker
Bembix americana hamata C. Fox
Bembix americana spinolae Lepeletier
Bembix amoena Handlirsch
Bembix boharti Griswold
Bembix brullei Guerin-Meneville
Bembix cameroni Rohwer
Bembix dentilabris Handlirsch
Bembix frommeri R. Bohart
Bembix gillaspyi Evans & Matthews
Bembix inyoensis Kimsey & Kimsey
Bembix melanaspis J. Parker
Bembix multipicta F. Smith
Bembix nubilipennis Cresson
Bembix occidentalis W. Fox
Bembix pallidipicta F. Smith
Bembix rugosa J. Parker
Bembix sayi Cresson
Bembix stenebdoma J. Parker
Bembix texana Cresson
Bembix troglodytes Handlirsch
Bicyrtes capnopterus (Handlirsch)
Bicyrtes discisus (Taschenberg)
Bicyrtes fodiens (Handlirsch)
Bicyrtes quadrifasciatus (Say)
Bicyrtes variegatus (Olivier)
Bicyrtes ventralis (Say)
Bicyrtes viduatus (Handlirsch)
Editha magnifica (Perty)
Glenostictia angulata Gillaspy
Glenostictia angulifera R. Bohart
Glenostictia argentata (C. Fox)
Glenostictia arizonae R. Bohart
Glenostictia bifurcata (C. Fox)
Glenostictia bituberculata (J. Parker)
Glenostictia californica R. Bohart
Glenostictia clypeata (Gillaspy)
Glenostictia gilva albescens R. Bohart
Glenostictia g. gilva Gillaspy
Glenostictia megacera (J. Parker)
Glenostictia nigriloba R. Bohart
Glenostictia parva R. Bohart
Glenostictia pictifrons (F. Smith)
Glenostictia pulla (Handlirsch)
Glenostictia satan Gillaspy
Glenostictia scitula (W. Fox)
Glenostictia tenuicornis (W. Fox)
Glenostictia terlinguae (C. Fox)
Glenostictia vechti R. Bohart
Microbembex albivena R. Bohart
Microbembex anilis (Handlirsch)
Microbembex argyropleura R. Bohart
Microbembex aurata J. Parker
Microbembex californica R. Bohart
Microbembex hirsuta J. Parker
Microbembex monodonta (Say)
Microbembex nigrifrons (Provancher)
Microbembex sternalis R. Bohart
Microstictia deserticola R. Bohart
Microstictia femorata (W. Fox)
Microstictia flavida Gillaspy
Microstictia hurdi Gillaspy
Microstictia lobata R. Bohart
Microstictia rufescens Gillaspy
Rubrica nasuta (Christ)
Steniolia californiensis Gillaspy
Steniolia duplicata Provancher
Steniolia elegans J. Parker
Steniolia eremica Gillaspy
Steniolia nigripes J. Parker
Steniolia s. scolopacea Handlirsch
Steniolia tibialis Handlirsch
Steniolia vanduzeei Gillaspy
Stenogorytes notabilis (Handlirsch)
Stictia carolina (Fabricius)
Stictiella boharti Gillaspy
Stictiella corniculata Mickel
Stictiella emarginata (Cresson)
Stictiella evansi Gillaspy
Stictiella fergusoni R. Bohart
Stictiella flavescens Gillaspy
Stictiella p. pulchella (Cresson)
Stictiella pulchella serrata (Handlirsch)
Xerostictia longilabris boharti Gillaspy
Xerostictia l. longilabris Gillaspy

Bembecinus agilis (F. Smith)
Bembecinus ater R. Bohart
Bembecinus clypearis R. Bohart
Bembecinus floridanus Krombein & Willink
Bembecinus mexicanus (Handlirsch)
Bembecinus quinquespinosus (Say)
Bembecinus strenuus (Mickel)
Bembecinus t. tridens (Fabricius)
Bembecinus wheeleri Krombein & Willink
Stizoides foxi Gillaspy
Stizoides renicinctus (Say)
Stizus brevipennis Walsh
Stizus iridis Dow
Stizus occidentalis J. Parker
Stizus texanus Cresson


Afrogorytes monstrosus (Handlirsch)
Ammatomus thaianus Tsuneki
Argogorytes nigrifrons (F. Smith)
Argogorytes sapellonis (Baker)
Arigorytes coachellae R. Bohart
Arigorytes coquillettii (W. Fox)
Arigorytes insolitus (W. Fox)
Arigorytes smohalla Pate
Clitemnestra bipunctata (Say)
Gorytes angustus (Provancher)
Gorytes atricornis Packard
Gorytes atrifrons W. Fox
Gorytes canaliculatus Packard
Gorytes limbellus R. Bohart
Gorytes prosopis R. Bohart
Gorytes provancheri Handlirsch
Hapalomellinus albitomentosus (Bradley)
Hapalomellinus pulvis R. Bohart
Hapalomellinus teren Pate
Harpactus clypeatus (R. Bohart)
Harpactus gyponae Williams
Harpactus mendicus (Handlirsch)
Harpactus pictifrons (W. Fox)
Harpactus rugulosus (R. Bohart)
Harpactus russulus (R. Bohart)
Hoplisoides carinatus R. Bohart
Hoplisoides confertus (W. Fox)
Hoplisoides costalis (Cresson)
Hoplisoides dentatus (W. Fox)
Hoplisoides diversus (W. Fox)
Hoplisoides elotae R. Bohart
Hoplisoides floridicus R. Bohart
Hoplisoides glabratus R. Bohart
Hoplisoides hamatus (Handlirsch)
Hoplisoides iridipennis (F. Smith)
Hoplisoides placidus nebulosus (Packard)
Hoplisoides p. placidus (F. Smith)
Hoplisoides punctifrons (Cameron)
Hoplisoides semipunctatus (Taschenberg)
Hoplisoides spilopterus (Handlirsch)
Hoplisoides splendidulus (Bradley)
Hoplisoides tricolor (Cresson)
Hoplisoides vespoides (F. Smith)
Lestiphorus cockerelli (Rohwer)
Lestiphorus piceus (Handlirsch)
Megistommum splendidum (Handlirsch)
Oryttus g. gracilis (Patton)
Oryttus laminiferus (W. Fox)
Oryttus lapazae R. Bohart
Oryttus umbonatus (Baker)
Psammaletes bigeloviae (Cockerell)
Psammaletes mexicanus (Cameron)
Psammaletes schlingeri R. Bohart
Pseudoplisus butleri R. Bohart
Pseudoplisus californicus R. Bohart
Pseudoplisus fasciatus (W. Fox)
Pseudoplisus ocellatus R. Bohart
Pseudoplisus phaleratus (Say)
Pseudoplisus smithii floridanus (W. Fox)
Pseudoplisus venustus (Cresson)
Sagenista pilosa R. Bohart
Sphecius convallis Patton
Sphecius grandis (Say)
Sphecius speciosus (Drury)
Stenogorytes sp.
Tanyoprymnus moneduloides (Packard)
Trichogorytes argenteopilosus Rohwer
Xerogorytes anaetis (Pate)


Acanthostethus sp.
Epinysson arentis R. Bohart
Epinysson b. basilaris (Cresson)
Epinysson basilaris tuberculatus (Handlirsch)
Epinysson bellus (Cresson)
Epinysson guatemalensis hoplisivora (Rohwer)
Epinysson moestus (Cresson)
Epinysson torridus R. Bohart
Foxia navajo Pate
Foxia pacifica Ashmead
Foxia secunda (Rohwer)
Hyponysson raui (Rohwer)
Losada sp.
Metanysson arivaipa Pate
Metanysson coahuila Pate
Metanysson lipan Pate
Metanysson yavapai Pate
Nysson aequalis Patton
Nysson argenticus R. Bohart
Nysson aridulus R. Bohart
Nysson bakeri R. Bohart
Nysson chumash Pate
Nysson compactus Cresson
Nysson euphorbiae R. Bohart
Nysson fidelis Cresson
Nysson gagates Bradley
Nysson hesperus R. Bohart
Nysson intermedius Viereck
Nysson lateralis Packard
Nysson neorusticus R. Bohart
Nysson plagiatus Cresson
Nysson pumilus Cresson
Nysson recticornis Bradley
Nysson rufoflavus R. Bohart
Nysson r. rusticus Cresson
Nysson rusticus sphecodoides Bradley
Nysson subtilis W. Fox
Nysson timberlakei R. Bohart
Nysson tridens Gerstaecker
Nysson tristis Cresson
Zanysson plesius (Rohwer)
Zanysson texanus fuscipes (Cresson)
Zanysson t. texanus (Cresson)

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